When I was a twelve-year-old girl, one day I found myself converting our sauna into a darkroom. I drew a red cotton blanket over the window and began experimenting with chemicals. My first attempts were very foggy, but good enough to start my life-long passion for the love of photography.

I shoot very differently than most portrait photographers. I don't shoot quickly, frame after frame, hoping to catch something. Instead, I study you through the lens, and wait for your perfect moment. I capture true beauty by allowing your inner Spirit to shine through. 

My clients hire me for my vision, talent and style. My distinctive style is a product of a fine art education at the Orange Coast College School of Photography.

My portraits illustrate contrast, intensity and emotion. My photographs are clean, with a magazine feel, every detail being of my creation. I believe I was put on this earth to create beauty, and photography is one of the tools I have chosen.


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Skype: reetchen